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With black hair, brown eyes, and a mischievous grin, Catalyst looks like the average teenager. However, looks can sometimes be deceiving. Although he seems to be a normal person, he holds a secret from all those around him: he’s a superhero! During the day, he goes to school at Treehorn High School. During the night, he’s flying high and fighting crime.

On August 18, 2003, Catalyst Jerwood was born in Florida. Born into an infamous family of scientists, CJ was constantly surrounded by lab equipment and chemicals. When he was twelve, his father brought CJ into work after school. Wandering around the facility, CJ wound up in a dark lab with large vats of chemicals and a long panel with a big red button. Pressing the button and entering a previously unsealed chamber, CJ was exposed to a combination of multiple deadly chemicals. However, no harm had been done to CJ. The next day, CJ woke up levitating in his bed.

He had gained superpowers, which included flying, superhuman strength, and invisibility. With these new powers, he took on a new responsibility: to protect those who can’t protect themselves. At night, he takes to the skies and scouts for crime. During the day, he studies for his exams and plays video games. After all, he still is a teenager!