A group of mutant "baby pugs" from space are invading Earth! Become the famed ninja cat and save the world from ultimate destruction!


Baby Pugs from Hell is a polished 2D action-platformer featuring a phenomenal combat system and intuitive AI. Play as our hero, Ninja Cat, and eliminate alien baby pugs threatening to destroy Earth. With our new game engine, we've made 60 FPS possible, allowing you to slay pugs smoothly without a problem.

Level Design

The goal of the demo is to stay alive and defeat the different alien pugs who have a wide variety of skills, including: teleportation, lazer eyes, and shape-shifting. You must fight your way to the top, where you end King Pug's reign of terror.

The weapons used by Ninja Cat are his scythe, shuriken, shield, and a collection of magic spells. You must use these to their full potential, as you'll be matching up against tough enemies who have teleportation, dark-matter shields, laser eyes, lightning bolts, and swords.

The weapons mechanics allow lightning bolts to be extremely destructive. However, the Ninja Cat's shurikens are exremeley effective against pugs, while his scythe is weaker. Ninja Cat requires health potions found throughout the level after taking damage. Too much damage sustained will result in death.

Progression of the level is a result of fighting and eliminating all enemies involved, slicing through minions until you reach King Pug.

Players must implement both melee and ranged attacks to perfection to win, utilizing power ups and items to defeat the alien pugs quickly and efficiently.